The Future of Technical Writing

Advances in technology offer Technical Communicators a variety of available deliverables and platforms that release content in a meaningful manner for audiences. To clarify, audiences consume content through a variety of platforms such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and so on. Whereas the available deliverables are no longer limited to printed materials such as job aides, cheat sheets, reference guides, manuals, and so on. It also include media enriched content through web, video, animation and so on.

So if Technical Communicators were staying on the leading edge of technology, in order to accurately document their work, now it is more important to be on top of technology. Content developers need to continuously learn technical skills, embrace changing toolsets, welcome collaboration, and be strategic about content development.

The infographic posted on Stuff Writers Like (×1382.jpg) describes, in my opinion, a very realistic view for the future of Technical Writing.

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